Reading about Ozy is like watching a car crash in slow motion.

@Gargron has it though? Care to share any examples?

@jwildeboer Thanks for the explanation, I had never heard about Poken but they were ahead of the times.

@matt same for Reddit. I stopped using it on mobile because of their constant prompts to use their app.

Setup for Adstodon was via @support Very straightforward process

@feditips thanks for these accounts. As a new joined to the Fediverse, it was useful to have suggestions

"Friday 6pm creative delivery": 3 months later, it still hits the nail on the head. "Write a horror story for your industry using just four words"

Google's version of the Facebook Ads Library is coming "Users can access these disclosures in our new “About this ad” menu to see the ads a specific verified advertiser has run over the past 30 days"

Does anyone use the Opera browser? I remember it was popular a while back but I have not heard about it in a while. Reason for asking:

"In the past three years, sponsored product ads have gone from 20% of Amazon’s top search result space to more than 40%"


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